Private Client

We offer services tailored for affluent families in an increasingly complex world, through long-lasting and trusted relationships.


Trust & Trustee Services

  • Trustee Services for Private Individuals
  • Establishment of Bespoke Trusts and Foundations for Estate and Succession Planning, Philanthropy or other purposes
  • Administration of Trusts and Foundations, including its underlying structure and portfolios
  • Work with Professional Tax Advisors, Investment Managers and Banks in the Management of the Trust and Foundation Assets
  • Private Trust Company (PTC) Services
  • Provision of Custodian Services
  • Escrow Agent Services
  • Establishment of Wills
  • Corporate Trusts

Concierge & Redomiciliation

  • Visa Application
  • Administration Requirements for Relocation to Singapore
  • Personal Secretary Services
  • Selection of External Service Experts such as Estate Agents, Bankers and Insurance Brokers
  • Other Services such as enrolling children at nurseries and schools

Family Office Services

  • Wealth Structuring
  • Succession Planning
  • Asset Consolidation
  • Private Investment Trust
  • Foundations
  • Wealth Protection Plan
  • Redomiciliation & Relocation
  • Philanthropic Advice
  • Family Governance Advisory

Wealth Structuring Services

  • Tax Structuring, Inheritance Planning and Administration
  • Economic Advice and Financial Instrument Engineering
  • Wealth Consolidation and Dedicated Reporting
  • Selection of Portfolio Managers and other Supervisory Roles

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